Flexible hose

Flexible hose is available in a variety of weights and sizes. Eximo flexible hose contains a unique organic compound which is added to the Polyurethane and attracts air borne moisture, creating a continuous circuit that removes static build up as product moves through the duct. These high-quality hoses will not lose their antistatic properties as they wear. FoodFlex is a slightly different hose, so click on our products below for more detailed information and to identify which flexible hose meets your needs.

Wood and Paper (Anti-static) Hose

PolyFlex Light
Light weight and very flexible polyurethane ducting
Medium weight and very flexible polyurethane ducting
PolyFlex Heavy
Heavy weight and flexible polyurethane ducting
Medium weight and very flexible ducing for Cnc processing centers
Note: Antistatic properties not built-in.

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